is, in contrast to the UN and a zillion nonprofits', efforts to inform, educate and change the behavior of masses of humanity. Our program is simply to GAMIFY our Survival and reward successes. (Acknowledging the interests and concerns of humanity NOW) People in all tiers of our global culture, from school kids to governments will access DIGITAL DASHBOARDS, and decide what specific action(s) are right for them. Players will compete with their peers for Global Acknowledgment and Prizes. (Envision the excitement around Olympic Games). Acknowledgment will be on our ECO-Focused Video Channel: KGIA. In addition to protest and demands for Responsible Governmental ACTION, kids can do stuff like plant trees, recycle trash, learn a new language, and not eat meat for 2 days a week. Governments can clean plastics from the ocean and Transition to Solar and Wind Power, improve Education, Public Housing and Transportation. Prominent Leaders will be liaison/hosts to different Groups, from Civic Groups to Academics, Cities and Countries. Conscious Corporations are welcome sponsors.
EARTH DAY April 2019 Lil Dicky (DAVID BURD), a popular rapper, had an idea to do a short video featuring his performer friend's voices as animals. Cute. During early stages of production, he had a major awakening about the seriousness of all the stuff he was hearing regarding global heating, ocean pollution, species extinction, and a whole host of other issues that impact our very survival on our imperiled planet. His little video took a giant shift in concept. The idea of a love song" to Earth, evolved, and was released for EARTHDAY 2019

Watch It!

We found the whole production not just entertaining, and thoughtful, but also charming while it addresses some of the most critical issues humanity is confronting today... and in a nonthreatening way... very unique in contemporary media. In short, we think this Lil video is a brilliant introduction to our project: DASH to a THRIVING FUTUREĀ© with a goal of engaging millions of people, and further, that it can be expanded and be used to introduce our hosts to different discrete groups of people, like City Mayors with Mike Bloomberg, Teens, with Greta Thunberg, or Corporate Executives by Elon Musk. Maybe media people with Leonardo DiCaprio. Lil Dicky will be the best know Rapper in the WORLD. Even presidents of countries will know his name.



We will orchestrate the engagement and evolution of millions if not billions of global citizens, and do some major healing of our small planet.

Climate Example NGO

DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE is a Project of EarthTHRIVE Initiative, a 501(c3) Nonprofit

We anticipate an ongoing need to promote and maintain interest for 11 -12 Years. (The time frame defined by the IPCC as hyper-critical for survival of humanity.)
Mayor Mike Bloomberg has already led very effective campaigns in New York City, but also with the global organization of cities, C40. We can help amplify his excellent work. He is a logical host to drive Global Cities to ACTION
Leonardo DiCaprio and his Foundation have been prominent Supporters of many Global Problems for many years. He is a natural Host to a media constituency


If Lil Dicky can capture 209 Million YouTube Viewers with only modest social media releases and word of mouth, with a concerted marketing effort, over time, we should be able to capture a BILLION PEOPLE... Enough to CHANGE THE WORLD.