EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

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You are invited to volunteer as a researcher/writer to post stories in our wiki, GAIANipedia. researching and sharing the adventures of the VANGUARD: people and their projects, the visionaries, inventors, even social scientists  ..the people working to create a viable future for all humans on our imperiled Earth.. and beyond.

Simply, our bold goal is to preserve humanity.


Imagine.. You could make a difference in the future of humanity.

I don’t have to tell you of all the dire projections for our future that scare people from the back pages of newspapers.


By curating stories of the most positive energies to manifest a thriving future for all humanity and our home planet, we will build together a global resource to encourage and energize the possibility of creating the future we wish for ourselves and our offspring.


We will counter the negative news with inventive solutions to the problems, and the people on the frontier (as roll models), for responsible action.


We will meet the challenges head on and be an inspiration for others who could be doing something similar..


You have the joy of collecting, and sharing the information for positive human evolution, sourced from the internet, news stories, magazines, professional journals, etc.


Think we should build to about 10 people, beginning with perhaps 3 or 4 and determine if you wish to focus on a specific area, like the oceans, or be a generalist.. (a couple of years ago, I found a story of a guy who was 3D printing “coral” reefs)


You can either write stories or simply adopt existing stories from the internet (and give credits). We are a nonprofit public service. We can also invite other organizations to contribute, as well as businesses to support our work.


Along with the multitude of potential stories dealing with facets or our planetary ecosystem, there are the ventures into Artificial Intelligence, human longevity, alternative farming techniques, CryptoCurrencies and the whole spiritual/metaphysical realm.


An example of an interesting exploration, rich with learning, was Biosphere2, where 7 people were sealed inside a manmade closed micro Earth System for 2 years. Or we could include a story on successful beekeeping and its importance.  (And how to do it yourself)


To apply, first send me 3 clips of stories you think fit our broad criteria...

Wikipedia is not a style guide for GAIANipedia. We want to be visual and engaging, not just encyclopedic.


Age range is open. For seniors, this can be your legacy. For millennials, this is an opportunity to enhance your future.


You will work from home (or some romantic location).

Express and share your passion.

What’s in it for you?  The satisfaction of engaging in being part of a team making a contribution to a positive future for yourself and your offspring.


10 hours a week could be a good start. Our wiki software is provided by Wikimedia Foundation.  The process of creating a post is pretty basic.




Please contact me and share your interest and strengths

Thanks for your interest,

Marv Lyons, Founder & CVO   EarthTHRIVE Initiative    619.691.8776

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