What do GAIANistas DO?



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What do GAIANistas DO?


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The name GAIANista evolved,


(From GAIAN,  an inhabitant of our living mother planet, GAIA, and ista, from the Italian: barista - bar tender.

A GAIANista then, is an EARTH tender or caretaker).

Does your mother deserve less?


GAIANistas GLOBAL is the community, or family, of humans on our small planet, committed to being actively engaged in creating a thriving future for themselves, their offspring , (Mother) GAIA, and  all other living things.


Our website and  interactive magazine, OurEARTH—OurFUTURE, will be the voice and basecamp for GLOBAL GAIANistas and GG Circles, where they can learn, share, inquire and network regarding their primary focus, plus engage with the whole Earth system and it’s multitude of facets pertaining to creating a viable future for humans on our small living planet.


GAIANipedia is an online data encyclopedic for everything that pertains to how we may evolve and thrive as a species.


This is a platform for all to express their personal successes, or inquire relative to their needs. We are linking with effective organizations to share their successes globally. We would be delighted to include you as part of our team in management or an area of your particular interests and concerns... not only in the US, to promote commitment and advocacy globally, country by country.



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