...and THEN, there are the Global Olympic Games

Contrast this: With the grave environmental issues the Secretary General of the United Nations pleads with the world to care about their future and take action.

Whereas, "The most recent summer games, held in Rio de Janiero in 2016, drew in an audience of 3.6 billion viewers."


Can we learn something from the massive engagement in the GLOBAL OLYMPIC GAMES?   What if we applied some of the enthusiasm, and prizes from the Olympic Games to Climate Change and other pressing issues?


It appears that people are drawn to enthusiastic action, and countries willingly spend great sums of money to participate and win at the Games, while they are in general, not much motivated by the long term threat of danger they can't really fathom, find fearful, and may feel helpless and hopeless.


Acknowledging the characteristics our digital global population today; They will move to projects which are fun, rewarding and assures them that they are contributing to a positive future for themselves and their offspring (+ living Earth and the currently threatened flora and fauna) – blending long and short term rewards for ACTION.


How can we shift global consciousness and engage millions, even billions in giving global climate change and the multitude of issues the attention and action they deserve?



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