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The tipping point is when the earth reaches 293k caused by increased SRF (Solar Radiative Forcing). We are at 291.5k. 293k takes us straight to hothouse earth, or 22-23'c GAT (Global average Temperature). These are well known facts in Science. The problem with Hot House Earth is that every time the earth has reached this state a mass extinction has occurred. Primarily due to mass Ocean Die Off leading to Anoxic Oceans. Anoxic Oceans then produce Hydrogen Sulphide. HS2 is lethal to all Oxygen breathing life at 300ppm. HS2 is the earths life jacket. It arrests Global warming preventing heat from reaching the Oceans. This state can take 10 million years to recover from. So in a nutshell we cannot increase radiative forcing by more than 3w/m2. A CO2 level of 550ppm will increase SRF by 3w/m2. You have to include CH4, NO2 Water Vapour, Albedo changes, Ice Loss (cooling effect), CO2 sinks, and several other minor GHG (Green House Gasses) The total increase to date are CO2 120ppm, CH4 200ppm, NO2 30ppm, Water Vapour 44ppm. (Note CH4 is by far the biggest contributor to this increase). That is because CH4 at 2000ppb (todays measurement) is 100 times more potent a GHG than CO2 Therefore 2000ppb = 2ppm x 100 = 200ppm. So we are at a 394ppm increase and racing towards the 550ppm to increase SRF by 3w/m2. James Hanson former head of NASA worked this through 20 years ago.

What is a Climate Tipping Point?

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What is a Climate Tipping Point?