Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

EarthTHRIVE Initiative

We need many talented people.

You are, of course, welcome to become a team member and apply your talents to help restore

a fractured, destabilized global life support system.



Please contact Marv Lyons:

619.691.8776     marv.lyons@icloud.com


 A Project  of EarthTHRIVE Initiative a 501(c)(3) Nonprofitfor More Information, Contact: Marv Lyons, Founder and CVO  619.691.8776  •  lyons@dash2future.com

Do you know what future you want for yourself and your family? There are many possibilities today... Many of them grim. In our innocence, and acquisitiveness, we (most of us in the "first world") have seriously disrupted Nature's unknowably complex ecosystems, putting our lifestyle, if not our very lives in jeopardy. With DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE, we are taking action to challenge millions of people in all cultural tiers, to consciously change their behavior, through both understanding and play... to GAMIFY our transformation, mature as a species, and invent an extraordinary future, working in harmony with each other and our precious living planet Earth. Scientist and inventors are evolving amazing technologies, including new techniques to ensure food and water supplies... but, we must evolve ourselves , beginning with totally embracing the awareness that we are all one here, even one with Earth/GAIA. We evolved with Earth and it is an integral part of us. Your experience, and talents are essential to apply our combined wisdom to create an engaging strategy for the world. Earth will continue to spin, perhaps with radically different characteristics.


Be a Champion...

But we will need to do some major shifts to have some continuity to our lifestyle. We need the skills for fundraising, volunteer management, an executive director, a designer and a systems organizer, corporate liaison, data coordination, book producer, and more... initially as a volunteer, but shortly to be properly paid. (We anticipate that once established, corporate support should be easy)

Give your life value for all of humanity...

Let's talk:


Marv Lyons   Founder & CVO          619.691.8776


Why Wait?



A Project  of EarthTHRIVE Initiative a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

for More Information, Contact: Marv Lyons, Founder and CVO  619.691.8776  •  lyons@dash2future.com



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