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Thank You Max Mitrofanov

What exactly is a sharing economy?

And what's the point?


Simply, we are all inhabitants on a small planet, which is in fact a kind of living SpaceStation (in a heliocentric orbit).


We exist in a conflict riddled time.

We know that although many of Earth's resources appear to be abundant, even limitless, her resources are definitely finite.


 Our businesses are driven to increase profits by creating and selling more stuff, using more of our finite resources. In the so called First World, we are constantly bombarded with messages to buy and consume more... of everything.


And we all have too much stuff, much of which we rarely use. Surely, it makes good sense to share stuff we rarely use with others.


New organizations are forming to facilitate sharing. While AirBnB, to share housing, and Lyft and Uber are thriving,

they are both disrupting traditional business, and reducing demand on precious resources.

A richly detailed slide show from SLIDESHARE:

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The Sharing Economy  vs the MEGAMALL