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Can we TAME the 900 pound Gorilla looking over our shoulder?

The mass majority of people on the planet consider the issues and problems confronting our world today, if they are aware, terrifying and beyond their control. If they can, they retreat to the prodigious number of distractions our digital culture provides.


Global Climate Change along is daunting. Certainly beyond what one person can do alone. Our unique species has evolved to our current plateau through collaboration and cooperation since our earliest prehistory.


Only our concerted actions can help heal the planet. We are finding ways to stop polluting our oceans and skies. Growing large communities of kelp is a brilliant way to help eliminate toxins from the ocean, while hosting a multitude of mollusks. Capturing carbon into trees and soil helps clear greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. It’s time to fully understand and reverse climate change. An example is a visionary “Vertical Forest” Community being built in China.


We need to get more people aware and engaged in the process if we are to have a home planet anywhere near what my generation has grown up with.


The reality is that we can be more effective in addressing the multitude of issues... we need to again, collaborate. We can mitigate the threat of the gorilla in our midst. The gorilla, of course is symbolic of the massive disruptions to Earth's whole ecosystem, the

result of human innocence, ignorance and greed.


EarthTHRIVE Initiative has envisioned multiple large scale programs, some reaching beyond what the United Nations is able to do alone. To promote and implement and our envisioned programs we must go from grand concepts to active execution, requiring funds to build a sound business organization and retain highly talented staff.


We are still in an essentially start-up phase. If you are both talented and passionate, contact us:





Peer 2 Peer funding has been found to be extremely effective.

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