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Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future


EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Want to share a

Noble Cause?









I’ve been told that my quest is a noble cause…

Perhaps it is, but that doesn’t make it easy, or, that I can do it alone


Simply, I have made a life commitment to encourage and facilitate a shift in consciousness of a pivotal mass of people. We must evolve humanity to forge a thriving and sustainable future for all people; living in harmony with each other, all living things and living Earth… On a planet we have imperiled by our self-centered, short sighted focus and greed. I think this is the best thing I can do with my life.



With my project EarthTHRIVE Initiative, I’ve outlined a multifaceted grand vision for actions needed to begin creating a future we want to share with our family. Our wiki: is our knowledgebase to discover “everything you need to know to survive and thrive to 2050 and beyond..” (The site needs massive expansion)


I’m now inviting you to awaken your unique passion, involvement and support.


I don’t think I have to tell you of all the complex problems we and our small planet confront. Scientists are reporting that we are well into the Sixth Mass Extinction of Earth’s life forms. We recently lost the last white rhino.

Remember, the Fifth Extinction caused the demise of the 175 million year dynasty of dinosaurs, and, well maybe 75% of all other life.

If we begin to take concerted action TODAY we will be able to at least mitigate anticipated grave threats of epochal planetary transformation.



• Do you have an unmet desire to fill a void in your life, to move beyond your day to day routine and contribute your

       skills, experience and talents,  (passion also welcome).

• Do you wish to have a project whereby you can express your love for life, your global family or your mother Earth?

• Are you missing a way to leave a legacy for your loved ones?

• Would you welcome involvement in a project that offers the possibility for self-discovery, growth, satisfaction

       and fulfillment?


Your contributions will be invaluable. Only with a committed group of inspired people can we hope to meet the challenges we face.


Together we can make a significant difference in the future of humankind and our home planet. It is critical that we influence governments and corporations to take responsible long term actions rather than focus on short term profits. Retreating in fear, to our myriad cultural distractions can only postpone and exacerbate the problems.


Welcome talents include:

       • Mastermind Team

       • Administrative Assistant

       • Marketing & PR

      • Writing, Editing, Designing, Research for wiki and

                 interactive Magazine

       • Web Design / Webmaster (Using Adobe Muse, or?)

       • Volunteer Manager

      •  Salesforce Genius

       • Liaison and communication specialists

       • Development / Fund Raising

       • Exhibition Experience Design

       • Collaborative Executive team

       • Board Members


Don’t see your place here? What can you bring? Share with friends..


Initially we are seeking volunteers. With sufficient funding, there will be paid positions.

We are launching with very limited funds.  Financial contributions are not only welcome, they are essential.

Please venture to both our donation page and involvement page:







Corporate sponsors and teammates are welcome. Help us become strong by becoming a monthly sustaining donor.


I abandoned a successful career (and a comfortable lifestyle) to focus on what I believe to be essential for a viable future for our species. I don’t expect you to do the same. Together we will make a timely shift to a more positive future.

Maybe you would like to help build GAIAversity?


Contact me: Marv Lyons, Founder & CVO,

EarthTHRIVE Initiative.  619.691.8776.


GAIA is the name ancient Minoans gave to the goddess of Earth and all living things… The name was recently revived by British scientist James Lovelock. We have adopted the term GAIANistas for people who are committed to working for a positive future for the planet and her crew.

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