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EarthTHRIVE Initiative


A Project  of EarthTHRIVE Initiative a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

for More Information, Contact: Marv Lyons, Founder and CVO  619.691.8776  •  lyons@dash2future.com


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Trees Planted

Carpooled Trips

No Meat Days


Turned Off Lights

and Air

Renata Spruce • California

We have used The Climate Reality Project as a model for environmental groups to not just talk, learn, promote and lobby, but to actually engage themselves in personal transformation: to plant gardens, avoid meat, teleconference, share rides...

             (what if we could get 30% of the cars off the freeways?)


You are doing well Renata. Keep up the good work. You are only 78 points away from a reward.

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Renata Spruce • California