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How many GAIANistas make a Kritical Mass?

How many, conscious, responsible global citizens will it take to reverse our current fatal race toward the sixth great MASS EXTINCTION1?


By definition, since your are an inhabitant of the only living planet we've found in the universe, dubbed GAIA* by visionary British scientist James Lovelock, you be a GAIAN...

That rare group of conscious individuals or organizations we are calling GAIANistas, or EARTH Tenders... share a concern for the long term well being of both humanity and GAIA, the living Ecosystem that is our total life support system. Kind of a super mom's umbilical cord in a mega womb.


The problem in a nutshell?

Too many people, consuming too much of GAIA's abundant, but limited resources, innocent, ignorant or willful disruption of complex interrelated systems that have evolved over billions of years, and well, people trashing Eden for short term personal profit... To feel like they own the world?


One more thing. Blindness (often deliberate) to the simple truth that we are all ONE...all resulting from the bits of stardust that gathered about a star we call sun. WE ARE IT. IT IS US, like it or not. Before Copernicus, humans were not conscious of the fact that EARTH is in a heliocentric orbit (around our Sun). Only recently are we beginning to understand that EARTH is essentially a living ecosystem — She is constantly changing and evolving. Her atmosphere is a very effective defense system against space debris. Powered by energy from our Sun we are effectively inhabitants of a living Space Station.

HUMAN evolution has happened only in constant support and interaction with our living ecosystem.


Why care? Why care now?

Personally, I think we humans are an interesting species. Who knows? Maybe the most sophisticated beings evolved by EARTH and maybe the universe.

Are we the eyes, the very consciousness of the universe, or as some may say, God reflecting back on him/her self?


The big question then is, can we change our destructive behavior. Can we survive our adolescence?

Can we evolve to the place where we can live in harmony with all other humans, the living EARTH* and all living things?


OK,OK.  So what can we do? GAIA is such a mess, most people don't want to think about it. We may be doomed. "Keep the party going on the Titanic..."


A preponderance of our elected decision makers seem to think that if we avoid thinking about the multitude and magnitude of global threats, they will just go away. (The Katrina problem just went away... and didn't even bother the folks in DC or London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. The earthquakes in Nepal didn't budge their equilibrium, or rattle their tea cups).


This ain't your grandma's "Age of Aquarius" anymore.

This is "the Anthropocene, the epoch when humans have become a major geological and climatic force.*"


As I see it, we have two options. Ignore the multitude of disruptions, both observable and projected by responsible scientific studies, or, consciously evolve to global, even universal citizens.


If just healing and restoring GAIA to her pre-industrial-age health and balance is not a big enough goal, or perhaps too boring, consider learning as much as we can, while rebalancing EARTH and returning her to a kind of Eden, so that we learn how to create a living ecosystem, first, on a spacestation in EARTH orbit, on the moon.... and then transport humans with their ecosystem to Mars and beyond. We go "from stardust to star travel."*


That is the vision of GAIANistas GLOBAL NETWORK.

That's rather a big deal. Um. How are you planning to deal with all that stuff?


Glad you asked. That's where you come in.


A key part of the plan is to create "Circles" in communities all over the world.

In these Circles, individuals and organizations, supported by media, guest speakers and discussion, will define what is most important in their community, acknowledging the global realities confronting us, and work on both personal and community activities to respond to anticipated crises.   Strength of community and grassroots upsurge for transformation. (Current history makes it clear that responsible change is unlikely to come from "the top."  One would wish the best and the brightest were in charge, but, alas, it ain't so.


GAIANistas GLOBAL Circle Hqtrs., in conjunction with the GAIAVERSITY, will provide resources including: media (video  -- some of which we will produce), printed material and refer live speakers. GGC will also provide training to deliver presentations in local communities and strategies to have an impact on local and global decision makers. GGC will facilitate connection and collaboration between circles globally.


The program will be supported by our interactive magazine: YourEARTH—YourFUTURE, our Wiki: and other publications, subscriptions, donations, memberships, partnerships and sponsorships.

GAIANistas GLOBAL NETWORK, GAIANipedia and the GAIAVERSITY are all focused on capturing and disseminating everything that pertains to our survival and thriving to 2050 and beyond.


Let's go back to the beginning...

How many GAIANistas make a Kritical Mass?

How many, conscious, responsible global citizens will it take to reverse our current fatal race toward the sixth great MASS EXTINCTION*


Honestly, I don't know if it will take 10,000, a million, or ten million, but this is the best structure I can envision.

I'm wide open to great ideas...


But right now, I'm talking only to you.


How precious is your life? Are you willing to make the giant leap from being a mindless consumer (of all the stuff corporations and their marketers* manipulate you to thinking you can't live without — you know, the coolest new fashions, the hottest new car, a real marble countertop for your kitchen, or maybe assets to fill a bigger bra, etc., stuff you can of course live quite well without), to a conscious, responsibly global citizen?



Your involvement, your passion, your friends and a little of your money will help begin what could be the world's greatest adventure.


GAIANistas, let me hear from you. Together we will have the power to help us mature/evolve to a species that has the wisdom, consciousness and spirit to transform our species and deserve to thrive on a healthy planet and vibrant ecosystem.


Are you with me so far?

Armed with these skills and the knowledge that we are from the universe, are one with the universe we will proceed to further evolve to the species that will move from stardust to star travel. Lacking a life supporting ecosystem on other planets will not be a problem. We will be able to understand, build and manage a whole living system on Moon, Mars or a planet beyond.


What are your best ways to be involved... to take responsibility for your future... to leave a legacy for generations of your offspring?



   __ as a GAIANista

   __ as a GAIANista CIRCLE Creator in my neighborhood___________

   __ as a GAIANista CIRCLE Creator in my organization ____________

   __ as a GAIANista CIRCLE Creator in my company _______________

















Oh, if you remember my mentioning GAIANIVERSITY, and wonder what that's about...?

GAIANIVERSITY is the core. It is the source of productions for GLOBAL CIRCLES. We will host interactive symposia (think TED Talks with an interacting audience) and thinktanks, collaborating with the leading thinkers and researchers in the world. We will create conferences and videos.

In collaboration with GLOBAL GAIANistas CIRCLES,  we will design experiential curriculum to facilitate learning for other CIRCLES, their communities, and students of all ages.

The GAIANIVERSITY LAB, (referencing the MIT MEDIA LAB) will explore how we can:

1)  Communicate a process of human collaboration, understanding that differences that currently trigger fear and hostility are insignificant compared to our unity,

2)  Design and build models for cities under domes (considering that EARTH may transition to a hot, toxic environment), communities on and under the oceans to be unaffected by radical sea level rise

3)   Innovate processes for global population reduction and management

4)   Study: just how much of the ecosystem is essential for life off EARTH?

Do we need an ocean on another planet? (Although our little planet is called EARTH, 60% or more is WATER) Astrophysicists have not yet found a comparable Planet with our "Goldilocks - Just Right" Ecosystem; understanding that we evolved as an integral part of a complex living intermeshed megasystem, in constant change.


I've run out of thoughts for the moment, but that leaves room for yours.


Let me know what you can contribute,

Thanks for your time.



Marv Lyons




• The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability--Designing for Abundance

by William McDonough & Michael Braungart


• 2012 January 1, Donald Worster, “A Drier and Hotter Future”, American Scientist, volume 100, number 1, page 70: 

Phoenix and Lubbock are both caught in severe drought, and it is going to get much worse. We may see many such [dust] storms in the decades ahead, along with species extinctions, radical disturbance of ecosystems, and intensified social conflict over land and water. Welcome to the Anthropocene, the epoch when humans have become a major geological and climatic force.



* Scientists concluded that the last Great Extinction, about 65 million years ago, was caused by an asteroid collision, and destroyed 94% of all life forms, including the dinosaur family that had roamed and dominated our planet for 165 million years (the Mesozoic Era).


*Gaia is the name early Minoans gave to the goddess of earth and all living things.


* If you have ANY question about EARTH being a living entity, compare her to the moon, or Mars.


* While the US government and NASA are bound and nearly grounded by a backward looking, recalcitrant congress, a cluster of billionaires is forging ahead into space.


* I have to acknowledge that in my past, I have been a world class advertising photographer. I worked hard to find ways to make a client's product desirable.



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