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Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Jean Houston

Webinar Course:  Unlock your Quantum Powers

From week four of Jean Houston’s Program:


Learn to profoundly enhance your ability to learn and develop new skills. If you ever feel like certain things are difficult to learn, or even that specific skills are beyond you, Jean will show you remarkably effective techniques for gaining any skills you need to be able to advance your personal projects and your career, without the need for spending years in schools or formal training programs.

She’ll teach you a technique that will admit you to what she calls the University of Consciousness, allowing you to access the power of the Universe’s collective consciousness and become a receptor to the knowledge of an entire subject, and even to connect with and learn from historic or current masters of the skills you need through this approach.

You can call on these experts to help you think outside the box on a work project, become more comfortable speaking in front of large groups, or further develop your art. Students she has taught these techniques to have experienced unprecedented advancements in their abilities and knowledge that they have then carried forward into their lives. And you’ll find out how to access this power, as well, whenever you need it, to absorb all manner of new spiritual, intellectual, artistic and physical skills.