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Let David Suzuki briefly explain why we are here and why we care:

Bucky Fuller asked a couple of provocative, perturbing and annoying questions... THIS is our answer to Buckminster Fuller’s Question ”How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?” "If success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do... How would I be? What would I do?" And it is not just humankind that is at stake. It is projected that, if we cannot engage a workable plan promptly, We may confront a man made “sixth mass extinction” making EARTH unfit for life: extinguishing all plants and animals for millions of years Primary goal: To counter massive changes in our world that threaten the continuity of human civilization as we know it. To engage GAIANistas (EARTH tenders), in linked, global circles, a grassroots force, to engage their communities and leaders in the transformation of human understanding and priorities to collaborate on processes essential to human evolution, building a future where we live in harmony with each other and a healthy, stable living Earth. Mission: GAIANistas GLOBAL interactive GAIAversity is an educational institution designed for instruction based on our CORE comprehensive knowledgebase, comprising everything that pertains to human/Earth wellbeing. We promote resilience, thriving sustainably into our imperiled future. Our learning style features interactive, multi-sensory educational toolkits to evangelize decision makers, and to empower and link responsible global citizens. We stimulate the creation of regional circles globally, committed to building a thriving future for EARTH, humankind and all living things. Traditional universities exists primarily to expand knowledge in educational packets from specialized nodes on a semi integrated matrix centered on preparing individuals with competence in serving or expanding a system furthering the premise that human wellbeing is based on accumulation of wealth of a few, providing an ever expanding proliferation of health, convenience, entertainment and technological wonders. This is, for the most part, isolated from the realities of GLOBAL Wellbeing. The matrix of GAIANistas GLOBAL Interactive GAIAversity encompasses the treasury of knowledge from interconnected nodes, disseminated with multi-sensory processes, promoting proactivism in knowing, preparing, working and evangelizing toward the survival and wellbeing of, and harmony between, all living creatures and living EARTH. This is in reaction to the massive disruptions we are experiencing and that are projected to accelerate, driving inexorably toward the 6th mass extinction of life on EARTH. (An artifact of the existing university focus and thrust of the industrialized world.) This is a fountain/ well of information, resources and a platform for exposure for people and organizations globally for collaboration and support. As EARTH is an integrated, living, unknowably complex megasystem, composed of innumerable interdependent subsystems, we will educate and promote healing of the multitudinous issues and systems we humans have unwittingly offbalanced. We will also drive toward the “sweet spot”, the “Goldilocks Condition” for peace, comfort, security, and self actualization of all humans. While it may be possible for humans to expand their domain to other planets, it would behove us to restore the single base we know for sure might sustain us. We have evolved as an integral part of EARTH: we are EARTH - EARTH is us. It is not known if we can create a life supporting environment on a hostile planet. We must begin to think as though we were to pioneer a new, vulnerable planet... In essence, that’s the reality we face. If we can manage to restore EARTH to it’s pre-Industrial Revolution condition, we may have learned enough to approach another planetary body with some hope of it becoming “living” and supporting life as we know it. What if you could make a difference in the survivability of humankind? Is it worth your time? Are you aware and do you care that we are destroying EARTH's life support systems .... On which our very living depends? We have evolved a visionary plan to address these questions. We are building a team to advance and build a global program around these issues. If you are interested in collaborating on an evolving and thriving humanity. Your involvement will make a difference. Please contact me: Marv Lyons 619.691.8776 lyons@GAIANistas.net


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