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Is the idea of GAIAVersity an impossible dream?
This website is an effort to define and realize a vision that is driven by our Mission: to help humankind survive and thrive into a future of abundance and wellbeing.. We, the GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, are creating a physical and digital place, a global resource for existing knowledge plus an R&D Lab, engaging and disseminating works of the brightest minds on our small planet to envision, design, invent and inspire the actions, projects and resources that can propel humanity to survive and thrive beyond the perilous threat to our very existence, now at our door — a Sixth Great Mass Extinction. CURATED CONTENT With that in mind, we have curated the most exciting and important people and information we could find on the Internet. Because we are freely serving all mankind, we have taken license to borrow extensively from resources — with the understanding this is considered "FAIR USE" — to provide a space where anyone can find everything, in any field, to help humanity "survive and thrive to 2050 and beyond." The presence of an individual's name or image on our site in no way implies that they endorse our content or perspective, rather, it is an indication that we highly value their work and contribution. As for businesses and other organizations, we applaud their sense of responsibility, concern, and focus on issues that serve global wellbeing. We also present them as model innovators, providing inspira-tion for other companies to learn from and emulate. Clearly, we belong to EARTH. EARTH does not belong to us to pillage and lay waste for personal profit


Excerpt from National Geographic Magazine: THE MOST CATASTROPHIC ... The Sixth, (Mass Extinction) however, may be the most catastrophic in history. It is estimated that half of all plants, animals and birds on the planet will die off before 2100. This extinction is the first to occur during the existence of homo sapiens, and it simultaneously began 100,000 years ago, a date that corresponds with the beginnings of our dispersion from Africa. In fact, this extinction is almost exclusively human driven. There are many contributing factors to the Sixth Great Extinction; today, destruction of habitat, introduction of alien species and pollution claim the most species. Extinctions are also caused by overexploitation of species for consumption, collection and trade, agricultural monoculture, human-induced climate change, nitrogen loss in soil and oceanic acidification as a result of a warming climate, and urbanization leading to sedimentation and soil erosion. Growing human populations have led to increased demand for natural resources, and with a current world population of more than seven billion people, our demands, many of which require environmentally damaging practices to fulfill, will continue to grow. WHY SHOULD I CARE? Since most people probably cannot name a single recently extinct species, does it really matter to the human race whether we save biodiversity or let much of it disappear into the history books? The answer is a very strong and profound, Yes. By failing to recognize the importance of biodiversity, we may be assuring the demise of our own human species, as well as the destruction of most other species on Earth. We need biodiversity.
Preliminary concept for Alphabet GooglePlex Exemplary Architectural Planning for Environmental Management
The penalty for killing endangered species could be greater than killing humans. Is a single tiger or elephant of greater value to the wellbeing of the planet and all of humanity than a single human? Humans are already overpopulating the planet and over consuming EARTH's abundant but limited resources.


Human Evolution Our species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens has been kind of a mixed bag. We have designated ourselves as wise, but have not always been so. Let us consciously design the next state of our evolution as TransHumans... a species that supersedes the historic power and influence of our ancient reptilian brain and can choose to understand our potential to live in harmony with each other, all living things, and living EARTH... and begin to fulfill the extraordinary, untapped possibilities incumbent in our massive brains.
Companies that are removing resources from EARTH should pay a tax. The resources they are taking for free belong to our living mother EARTH and all living creatures. THIS INCLUDES mineral and forest resources plus SEAFOOD. Part of the tax is to be used to restore EARTH to as close to original state as possible (also creates more income for company) NO BLASTING AND REMOVAL OF MOUNTAINTOPS is acceptable. Mine pits should be returned to their original state. (When we destroy EARTH, we also destroy ourselves.) Fishermen must transition from thoughtless harvesters of the sea to caretaker/farmers of the sea and carefully replenish their stock, in part for their own wellbeing. Scientists must invent new technologies to support a Fishermen's ability to provide food without depleting species or imperiling other species called by-catch.. Biologist Edward O. Wilson proposes to REWILD 50% of EARTH.
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