GAIANista Creed


Above all else,

Above race,

Above nation,

Above all tribalism,

Above organized religion,

Above the wonder of technological wizardry,

I am



I am a conscious, integral part

of the living

planet-wide mega system

which is source of all that supports and sustains my life

and the life of all fellow

human and non-human creatures


I commit to living my life

in harmony with GAIA, the living EARTH

As an EARTH tender, I will

work to restore systems thrown out of balance by human ignorance,

and to contribute to creating a future

of health, love, joy and wellbeing for all

 — knowing that my membership and collaboration in the community

of GAIANistas will feed

me physically and spiritually


Aware of our whole living planet having coalesced from stardust,

and the miracle of our very existence,

I honor and respect all of GAIA,

as myself, living and non-living,

knowing also that I am not alone, but empowered,

for we are one

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