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Destiny of GAIANistas GLOBAL

from stardust to star travel...




1, We evolve to a species that lives in harmony with all other humans, all living things, and the living EARTH (GAIA) ...

we become GAIANistas: EARTH Tenders, (our only hope for survival).


2. Understanding that with current disruptions, EARTH has the potential of becoming a hostile environment for living

things, as it has in the past - the last time 65 million years ago.

We must restore GAIA to her Pre-Industrial and Two-Three Billion human-inhabitants health. All life support systems

are returned to the sustainable balance, which evolved over billions of years.

With narrow vision, a part of our brain allows us to believe we are independent, free will creatures. The larger picture is

that we are an integral part of an unfathomable complex Ecosystem. We really don’t know how much of it is essential

for long term survival. While our little orbiting spacestation is called EARTH, it might, more accurately be called OCEAN.

Aside from being 60% of the outer layer of the planet, oceans appear to be more rare than rock and dirt in the vast

universe. Is an ocean essential for long term human wellbeing?


It is a expansive discovery process to understand how living systems have evolved and how we can adapt the complex

integrated systems that have evolved over billions of years to a bare sustainable essential package to support life,

sep­arate from EARTH.

A pair of hippos are not likely to be included on a space ark. We may have to also leave whales on this planet. But what

about spiders or bats? What can we continue to learn about things like spider silk, the cable with the highest tensile

strength we know of, or the sensory talents of bats?


•• We must understand that humans evolved integral to EARTH - (our planet is actually a living SpaceStation in a

Heliocentric Orbit). We cannot live long without all the life support systems that sustain us in the womb of GAIA.

(Including oxygen, gravity, food, water, ocean, and a full complement of trace minerals, plus all that remarkable stuff

in the periodic table, etc.)


3. It has been proposed that robots be deployed to mine lunar resources and fabricate components for an Earth Orbit­ing

SpaceStation. This would be a good laboratory to explore parameters for a colony of humans living separated from GAIA...

Likely in a system similar to the Stanford/NASA Torus, perhaps built with carbon nanotube technologies.


4. Using learned technological and a wide collection of other parameters, we can design an artificial home to maintain

human, animal and vegetable living systems. Living components are delivered via space elevator.

Similar to Biosphere II, in Arizona, plus EARTH and ISS based NASA simulations, this is an experimental lab to define

essentials for sustaining life long term.


5. Thus equipped, a living SpaceShip can voyage to Mars and have the resources and experience to build a human

life support system - a home, managing a small space in a hostile environment.


Our vision and goal for GAIANiatas GLOBAL is to engage "Circles" of committed, conscious GAIANistas from around

the world to restore our EARTH/MOTHER, GAIA to a healthy living system that, with us, will continue to evolve, perhaps

to be a model in the universe; an Ecosystem that lives in harmony with all humans, all living things, and, who knows,

maybe other cosmic cultures.

We can look to our indigenous peoples for clues to being in harmony with Earth.



We would love to have your participation, partnership or sponsorship. Define your legacy as a positive force in the

cosmos. What can you can contribute to our wiki: GAIANipedia.wikia.com?

What can you contribute, your wisdom or, help finance GAIANistas GLOBAL and envisioned megaprojects?

What is your stake in the future of humanity and our precious home?




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