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Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future


EarthTHRIVE Initiative



The most dreaded word in the digital world today. With all the news of late about large scale hacking of computers and big systems, a lot of fear abounds.

With only a single computer to run our nonprofit, EarthTHRIVE Initiative, I was certain I had nothing to be concerned about in that realm. Who would want to access or hack my computer?

















About 2pm on the second day of the New Year, I was composing a letter on my desktop computer, when the screen flashed and became completely white, with an unwelcome rectangle with the announcement that my computer had been HACKED and had been disconnected from the Internet. Next, in bold face type, I was warned to call a phone number to resolve the issue.


And I panicked…! Is it possible that I would lose some twenty five years of visionary thinking and hard work defining my vision of how humanity might possibly survive, and thrive into the future, given the potential of a Sixth Mass Extinction or runaway global warming?





I called the phone number, It sounded like it was a special Apple Tech. He did some initial adjustments, reconnected me to the internet and referred me to another phone number. The new number was for a private contracted service to delete all intruders, invasive software, clean up the computer, and install protection apps. I talked with three different people, two support guys and one woman in charge of billing. To my chagrin and horror, there was an additional charge for this service over basic Apple Support.


 All the support people had Russian accents...(Hmm?)


I supplied my password and my mother’s maiden name. Seven hours and seven hundred dollars later, “Adam,” the tech from this company, called PC Online Tech Support, backed out of my computer, leaving it working smoother than it had in quite a while. Not having $700 in the nonprofit account, I had to put the charge on a personal credit card... obviously it’s going to increase monthly payments. Strangely, the payment went to an address in China.



My satisfaction, that, at least, I now had a working computer was short lived.


My computer began having more problems. I had been promised a bonus 5 year service. When I called, I was informed that I was still vulnerable and needed a FIREWALL to protect from other invaders. Only an additional $300. Ouch! Damn! My computer is now the proud owner of a firewall. This stuff is not covered by Apple’s Service Policy. This payment went to an address in Korea. And I've been vulnerable and gullible.


About ETI. The mission of EarthTHRIVE Initiative is to promote the health and sustainability of all living creatures (Includes humans) through expanded awareness and collaborative action through 2050 and beyond…


One of our important projects is GAIANipedia,

presenting a spectrum of the people and projects on the leading edge of addressing the multitude of global issues and having an impact on our collective future.



To date, I’ve been self funded for a project with global impact. (I’m a senior with modest income). It is now time to reach out for financial support and build a team to realize my mega vision: to help people avoid anxiety about our future, and take responsible collaborative action toward a thriving future on our small planet.


The truth is, I’m 84. This project has become my life mission, and my legacy.

I’ve been evolving EarthTHRIVE Initiative for a few years and would be deeply honored to share with you the satisfaction of helping preserving our planet/GAIA, and inventing a viable future for your grandchildren and mine.

My goal is to create the opportunity to join and build a community of people who are joyfully discovering their unique gifts and applying those gifts to the challenge of building a thriving and sustainable future for all humanity on a vital, living planet.


In addition to my current out of pocket expenses, I recently spent $95 to replace a printer that stopped printing, and, we need a new hard drive to back up years of work, and, replace one that crashed a couple of months ago.


Our current urgent need is $1265, ($1000+95+170) An additional $1500 would get me a new iMac, to replace my current outdated model.



I welcome and deeply appreciate your generosity and, beyond that I’d love for you to get engaged in our project, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills, talents, and passion towards a thriving future for yourself and your offspring.









EarthTHRIVE Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. $5 or $10 support is welcome.

I can include your name as a supporter. Donations over $50 may be tax deductible.

I can offer a membership as an alternative and declare you an

~~Official GAIANista~~










And I got a statement declaring that, for my $1000, they generously gave me lifetime Support from Apple.


A week later, I realize I had been more emotional than rational and called Apple Support. I was assured that this was in no way Apple policy. Of course, I felt foolish. I changed my password, deleted all the intrusive software, including their portal, that I could find and restored my computer to it’s state as of December 31, 2017.


I’m running this in detail so that you don’t get “hacked” as I did. Don’t buy the bogus “support”. Protect your financial information.  Previous to the shock message, a couple of invasive apps showed up on my desktop, including MacKeeper that has appeared in the past. Apple recommends using Malwarebytes to find and delete invaders.


My credit card company is disputing the charges, but since the two companies that had billed me are overseas, the probability of collecting is modest.   And I’ve reported the incident to IC3, Internet Crime Complaint Center, part of the FBI.


• • • • • • •

Was it because of the negative

comments I made about Herr Trump?


Who better to Bankrupt USA?


Surely no one would care to have

access to my computer information?



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