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A MANIFESTO FOR GAIANS (all humans living on Earth/GAIA)


METAMORPHOSIS of THE TRIBE OF HUMANITY A manifesto of GAIANs, (conscious humans on our living planet, GAIA.) As a global team, We will Envision, Design, and Create The future for all humanity, living in harmony with all living things and our precious living earth. We understand that our fear must be, not of our brothers, the Russians, not of the North Koreans, not of the Taliban, but our own fear of each other. We have a clear vision of the primacy of our precious planet GAIA, possibly unique in the entire universe. Without Her, we simply cannot exist. Understanding that ALL of the Global Threats currently imperiling our planet and very survival, are the result of human ignorance of the workings of the planet, hubris and greed, we concur it essential to prioritize healing and restoration of the unknowably complex integrated ecosystems of GAIA, that provide the foundations for life and evolution. The program GAIA TRANSCENDENT, a global organization and sister to the UN, will outline how we will manage the defense, healing, understanding and integration of GAIA with human consciousness. Petroleum and coal extraction must end NOW. Millions of people will be employed to help counter the destruction humans have caused in the last 100 years. Indigenous peoples will make a rich contribution with their understanding of living in harmony with GAIA and the Great Spirit, energy that animates the Universe. We will collaborate to enhance human evolution in consciousness and personal responsibility for the health and wellbeing of GAIA, learning to live in harmony with our precious planet and all living things, realizing that TOGETHER, we comprise one GRAND LIVING ENTITY. We will re-enliven the simple Joys of Living together on our most beautiful, Extraordinary, living planet and our own miraculous living bodies/ entities. We will allow human population to diminish to perhaps 3 billion to de-stress the Life Forces of the planet. Simultaneously we will establish systems so that all human family members have all the basic elements of a comfortable life; as they choose. (There are only two reasons for continuing exponential human growth: more profits for insatiable corporations and more soldiers for battles to boost the insatiable egos and paranoia of acquisitive leaders and the passions of war makers.) We Evolve Ourselves to the place where people we perceive as “other” are a source of shared delight and discovery, rather than fear or denigration. We reign in the masculine forces which have dominated and decimated the planet now for thousands of years, and nurture goddess/feminine energy, abounding in tranquility, love and understanding as primary forces of humanity. Nuclear weapons are anathema to the living planet and will be eliminated. We deeply realize what a horrific waste wars and greed are of human and planetary resources, and the toll on the human spirit, often delivering trauma no one deserves. We agree that all national war making systems will be abandoned. CONSIDER THIS FOR GLOBAL PLAYERS INCLINED TO WAR: A player like Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping sends a CHALLENGE to another leader to meet on THE FIELD.. (An area about the size of two football fields). They agree on the Rules of Battle: number of combatants, kinds of technological assists, allowable manipulations of the field, and the Time Frame, and the benefit to the winner. There are grandstands for WAR enthusiasts and a Giant Scoreboard. Once agreed upon, the terms are locked and signed by both parties. Combatants that break the rules are immediately disqualified and lose the WAR, with a penalty. All damage to the terrain must be restored. Alternatively, WAR may be declared as a purely digital game. There is a large trophy for the winner. The loser has an indebtedness to the winner for a period of six months. Why can we do this rather than hand it over to the UN? If our friend Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations were to propose any of the above, he would trigger decades of debate…with no ultimate change. THANK YOU FOR YOUR conscious concerns. Together with GAIA TRANSCENDENT, we can take the very best of humanity and transform ourselves to the aware and responsible mind of our precious planet GAIA, forge a wondrous future for ourselves and our descendants with a new Global Operating System. • Donations are Welcome If you resonate with the above and especially if you have thoughts to contribute, please join with me: Marv Lyons, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer EarthTHRIVE Initiative 16325 Paseo del Sur Ste:213 San Diego, CA 92127 USA +1.619.691.8776 Marv Lyons, May 22, 2021