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Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Preliminary notes for a strategy to significantly reverse the upward thrust of spiraling population growth

This stratagem is based on the observation that academic and intellectual information have minimal, if any, power to change basic human behavior…

Information must be presented in an engaging and entertaining way... and there must be emotional hooks… Valued tangible rewards help...

And some friendly Competition seems to add an Energetic Dimension



It is understood that exponential population growth is the underlying, driving force behind ALL of our global man-made problems


Is there some way we can manage to make a critical reversal, as global resources are being diminished daily?

Medical scientists are continually extending the lifespan of humans The vectors: mosquitoes, rats, and other forces that have controlled human lifespan, are coming increasingly under control. Medical care, healthier food and better education are becoming increasingly accessible... All factors that are helping us live decades longer than our grandparents




Dealing with ancient religious heritage and traditions:

The process begins in India with a global ecumenical and interfaith convocation of religious and spiritual leaders. Perhaps including Mystic-Sadhguru and Ingrid Vanderveldt, founder of NGO: Empowering a Billion Women By 2020, and Pope Francis.  Subsequent sessions to be held in Haiti, China, Africa, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aries, etc.

Thought Leaders must understand and expound on the concept... "be fruitful and multiply" was a sound directive when there were perhaps a few million people on the planet...

But not at 8 Billion. This is no longer a viable directive on a fragile living planetary system.



     1.  Emotional as well as Environmental/Factual

     2.  Comic Book style and video productions -

          Distributed by leader of Women’s “tribe “

     3.  Also on Google & YouTube - in multiple languages

         (Support from Google)

     4. Disney's Moana: Video -- maybe with her mother &

         GAIA - Mother Earth   Primary Focus: Interconnectedness

         Global Oneness: (Living Earth and All Living Things,

         including Threatened and Endangered Animals)

    5. TOURING Shows (SF Mime Troupe). Theatric, emotional

          exploration of issues with Global perspective - but

          performed by Regional Actors

     6. Smaller Families are more prosperous and better educated


More Ecological Education:

1.  Why sex in nature   (Diversity in plants and animals)

2.  Oneness of all humans and animals & Plants. (Ecology message -

     whole integrated, interdependent systems, only on Earth)

3.  Nature’s balanced ecosystems

4.  Effects of Exponential population growth in the last 100 years:

     Exhausting Limited resources. Value of trees/forests.  Closed interlinked,

     interdependent components of whole complex system (Pouring toxic

     waste into the ocean bleaches and kills coral reefs and threatens a

     multitude of species that live only on coral reefs.)

5.  Human impact on Loss of lakes, plants and animals.   Multiple times

     historical normal loses.  Endangered Species disappearance intensified

6.  Cattle raised for human consumption is a ferociously destructive force

     in fresh water consumption, plus air and water pollution. Consumption

     must be radically curtailed.

Collaborate with:

               Planned Parenthood Global

               Population Connection (ZPG)

               United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


UNFPA has many functioning projects parallel to our VISION. We will explore collaboration


Incentivize: Rewards.. Tax deduction only for first child and adoptions

                                                                        Tax rate increases with more…

Rewards: Desirable gifts and experiences

       1. Ocean cruises

       2. Electrification of Village (with village cooperation)

       3. Education - Build Inventive Schools

       4. Enhance Food/water availability -

           More efficient Cookstoves & Fuel

       5. Introduce Aquaponic Gardening

       6. Training for birth & aftercare

       7. Trip to DisneyWorld with Family

       8. Video Interview, historical capture











  Desirable gifts and experiences

(With video Coverage for personal history and marketing)

Place on Giant Mural of Earth Heros

1. Ocean cruises

2.     Alaska

3. Electrification of Village (with village cooperation)

4. Celebratory Feast for Community

5. Education - Build Inventive Schools

6. Enhance Food/water availability -

            Introduce Aquaponic Gardening

7. AirBnB stay w/Flight

8. Disney world

9. Lion King

10. Eiffel Tower

11. London Tower


Unequal reproductive risks

In the developing world, 43 per cent of pregnancies are unplanned (Guttmacher Institute, 2017).

Unintended pregnancy is more prevalent among rural, poor and less educated women. In the majority of countries, fertility rates are higher among the poorer segments of the global population than among the top-income groups.


Rewards also for “husbands “ who wait to marry. - With choices for “wives “ : school, career, or not

Maybe need to encourage new cultural norms.


Instead of having more children parents can make life better for themselves and their children by:

        1. Educating them and enhancing their environment

        2. Restoring earth planting trees adopting and caring for Wild animals and plants

        3. More effective health systems better care, eliminate diseases of infancy


Instead of having more children to care for parents as they age, both parents and children can have richer lives. Communities do not have to be like giant Developed Country Cities, but designed to exist more in harmony with

nature. No need to restructure for automobiles.

Some funding likely from the World Bank



Dashboard of competitive progress by nation and health of the planet.

  And progress on global map













12. Irish pub

13. Venice

14. Space launch

15. Grand Canyon

16. NYC theater

17. Kabuki theater

18. Ice fishing in Minneapolis

19. Concert

20. Visit Movie Set:  Hollywood. Or Bollywood

21. San Diego zoo




DASH  - - Global Population Reduction Strategy


        1. Promote adoption of extra kids

        2. Differentiation: Sex for pleasure vs. sex for procreation: Education

            YouTube. - Including Techniques-Tantra?

        3. Personal Fitbit or Apple Internet of Things Wearable 

           (maybe bracelet- with multiple styles) provides women

           personalized data: ongoing feedback of menstrual cycle.

            Initial distribution to rich women. (To create credibility and desirability)

       4.  Ability of women (and men) to choose.   With Contraception accessibility.

            Reduce unwanted and unexpected pregnancies














Bloomberg/UNEP - DASH