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Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future


EarthTHRIVE Initiative

We live in extraordinary times.

              Are you exhilarated or numbed?

More than half a century ago, the new American President noted that “man holds in his hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and, all forms of human life”. We have the opportunity today to not only eliminate poverty, but to realign our lifestyle; to evolve a positive and thriving future for Earth, humans and all living things. We live in challenging times. Given all the global problems the media exposes us to daily, we can, and will rise to that challenge. We have become aware of the multitude of problems confronting humanity, many, the results of our past ignorance and greed. We have come to understand that we must evolve to a higher level of consciousness and be more responsible for the health and wellbeing of our planet, its systems, and all life forms that support every aspect of our existence. My name is Marv Lyons, and I spent much of my “productive years” working in advertising for some of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the world. I really hadn’t considered the negative impact of what my work was doing to the planet. Perhaps you can relate. There seemed to be more important things to be doing with my life. Just being a great photographer felt very empty. I had become aware of the global picture and adopted a new life purpose, built on that awareness. I created a nonprofit called EarthTHRIVE Initiative. The mission of ETI is to promote the health, stability, and sustainability of all living creatures through expanded awareness and collaborative action. …to Inspire and Guide the Transformation of Humanity, on and off Earth. I admit, it sounds like a giant enterprise; but no one else seems to be doing this. I’m putting my talents—and creative skills, my passion, toil, and sweat—my very life—behind an effort to build a sustainable future for humanity, living in harmony with each other and our Mother: Earth. Of course I cannot do this alone.. YOU are the key to our success. Earth has seen several mass extinctions over the millennia. They have been a natural part of life on this planet, but the next one might not be. We really don’t have much choice. We either become activists or confront a sixth mass extinction. Our actions can help heal the planet. We are finding ways to stop polluting our oceans and skies. Growing large communities of kelp is a brilliant way to help eliminate toxins from the ocean. Capturing carbon into trees and soil helps clear greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. It’s time to fully understand and reverse climate change. An example is a visionary “Vertical Forest” Community being built in China. We can no longer afford to take baby steps. To make a giant impact, we must pursue big steps on a worldwide basis, but many people are scared and don’t want to hear any more. Convincing them of the facts is…not easy. But we must do this together. …and, engage millions of others in taking action towards a future we all desire. I believe in a world where humanity survives and thrives in abundance. I believe we can make it happen, and I believe it starts by creating a global resource—online and off—to collect, curate, research and share the science behind sustainability, along with ground breaking progress. We have an online resource—*GAIANipedia—to pull together the broad spectrum of issues, research, people, processes, and progress needed to alert, educate and engage the world about solutions we can pursue — not delivered by major media. Your donation will help us build our capability. Our wiki is: to check us out. If you are a writer or designer, you can participate by helping GAIANipedia grow to a powerful global resource. Wikipedia is a powerful model, We need an editor and a volunteer coordinator for GAIANipedia and our iMagazine. I’m really seeking passionate co-creators, eager to make a difference. Areas where you can apply your unique talents to serve all of humanity…Writing, Editing, Designing, Research, Volunteer Manager, Fund Raising, Exhibit Experience Design, and Web Design. Environmental policy is often tied up in politics. With a concerted voice we, the 99%, can have a greater influence on the decision makers we have elected. Taking action at voting polls will also help tilt a shift in national and local policies. We must take conscious responsibility for our actions. We will give this at least as high a priority as the size of out taxes, and the winner of the World Series. Please, join us to support building a better world. Dedicated naturalists are managing to restore some endangered species, but could use your involvement. With your support, we can further reverse the policies that are leading us down a perilous road, and promote conscious, responsible action. I will be pleased to help you fulfill your desire for meaningful action. Remember your REAL MOTHER in this new year GAIA is the name given by ancient Greeks to the goddess of our Mother Earth and all living things. I welcome you to transition from an inhabitant, a GAIAN, to being an activist GAIANista, engaged in restoring and evolving life on our precious Earth, GAIA, and preserving, your future and all life. Become a GAIANista, committed to a healthy planet. Join us by pledging today to build a better tomorrow. Contributions over $50 may be tax deductible. Memberships begin at $35. We will publish the best comments and commitments from our audience, planetwide, regarding the positive actions they support or are taking. Please bring your discoveries of people and projects that are making a positive contribution to our attention. Abundant thanks for your interest and concerns. I look forward to connecting, and our collaboration. Thank You Marv Lyons — Founder and CVO EarthTHRIVE Initiative Send donations to: EarthTHRIVE Initiative, 16325 Paseo Del Sur, #213, San Diego, CA 92127 Send story content and queries about getting involved to: or call, 619.691.8776 We must begin preparing now to maintain a thriving planet for ourselves and our children. Stake claim to an area of interest for your activism. How will you express your contribution?

Shouldn't there be a place on the Internet, like Wikipedia, where someone concerned could find, or share, the latest information on how we can thrive into the balance of this century, in spite of the multitude of disruptive events human ingenuity has caused?


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