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Podcast # 000  This is

                                          EVOLVE NOW!   From Stardust to StarTravel   Trailblazing on the Frontier...



We are living in very dynamic times.

Much of humanity is occupied in day to day living, just finding enough food and water to feed their growing families and keep some sort of roof overhead.  And there is another segment, whose primary occupation is enjoying the pleasures of life, with a lifestyle unimaginable by fabulously wealthy kings and emperors of 100 years ago.


A major percentage of the global population is only dimly conscious of the major disruptions in climate and Earth's Life Supporting Ecosystem when confronted by the results of human "progress."


Understanding that, with current disruptions, EARTH has the potential of becoming a hostile environment for living things, as it has in the past - the last time 65 million years ago, when an asteroid collision totally destroyed the dynasty of dinosaurs and, well, about 76% of all living things.


We will  provide both a comprehensive view of all of the factors and facets of our current situation, but also information to build your personal skillset for your own  metamorphosis; Your EVOLUTION to a member of a species that is in harmony with all fellow humans, all living things and the living EARTH.



Who is Marv Lyons and why are we doing this? What will be included? Marv had become a world class advertising photographer: big studio in Los Angeles, international clients and their ad agencies. He enjoyed the challenges and was regularly requested to come up with creative concepts as well as produce award winning photography. (This was in the era of the MAD MEN TV show.) Clients were Jantzen, Honda, Yamaha, Delta Airlines, Chevrolet, Shell Oil, Tahiti Tourism and Viking Cruises.. you get the picture. It was great... until he hit the wall... a midlife crisis... after many anguished and sleepless nights, he abruptly became aware that his life was not about selling stuff for international corporations that were ripping up EARTH and using precious resources to drive up profits with no concern for the consequences. In his transition period, he concluded that he wanted to find an endeavor big and important enough to which he could devote the rest of his life and creative energies. Over a period of time he began working in the nonprofit world, culminating in the creation of an organization called EarthTHRIVE Initiative, now focused on a program called GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. As the name implies, we are concerned with more than planting healthy gardens or cleaning trash off the beaches. While these concerns are laudable we have a more global, whole systems vision. Earth's living ecosystem and it's health is much, much more complex than that. But, if we are concerned with the health of our small planet, why is our Podcast called EVOLVE NOW! ? Well, our scientific brothers and sisters have observed that EARTH/GAIA had maintained a life supporting environment in steady equilibrium for something like the last ten thousand years... With the advent of the industrial revolution there began an accelerating breakdown of the balance of nature's complex, integrated living systems. The net result is an ever growing occurrence of disruptions of major proportions. The culmination is a radical shift in EARTH's ability to support life ... building to the possibility of the Sixth Great Extinction. And this may also be a critical place in human evolution. While our recent technological development is driven by the powerful neocortex, a great deal of human behavior is an expression of our reptilian brains responses when confronting with an unknown person, to "run, eat, fight or kill, or mate..." A worst case scenario of the confluence of these brain components and simple religious dogma is the rise of the "Islamic State," mating a 7th Century mind space with 21st Century weapons. Our evolving philosophy is that if we wish to survive and thrive as a species, it may best be though the concerted efforts of groups of enlightened, responsible citizens globally. We are calling these groups CIRCLES. We are working toward promoting the creation of Circles globally and creating programs to be provided to members with tools and information for their personal evolution and that of their community, so that we can live in harmony with each other, living EARTH and all living things. Our history is in media. We will utilize all media tools to inform, educate and motivate



If we wish to continue as a species, we do well to restore GAIA to her Pre-Industrial and Two-Three Billion human-inhabitants- health, with all life support systems returned to the sustainable balance, which evolved over billions of years.


With narrow vision, a part of our brain allows us to believe we are independent, free-will creatures. The larger picture is

that we are an integral part of an unfathomable complex living Ecosystem. We really don’t know how much of it is essential

for long term survival. While our little orbiting spacestation is called EARTH, it might, more accurately be called OCEAN.

Aside from being 70% of the outer layer of the planet, oceans appear to be more rare than rock and dirt in the vast

universe. Is an ocean essential for long term human wellbeing?


We must evolve to a species that lives in harmony with all other humans, all living things, and the living EARTH (GAIA) ...

we become GAIANistas: EARTH Tenders, (our only hope for survival).


It is an expansive discovery process to understand how living systems have evolved and how we can learn to adapt complex integrated systems that have evolved over billions of years, to a bare sustainable essential package to support life, sep­arate from EARTH.


•• We must understand that humans evolved integral to EARTH - (our planet is actually a living SpaceStation in a

Heliocentric Orbit). We cannot live long without all the life support systems that sustain us in the womb of GAIA.

(Including oxygen, gravity, food, water, ocean, and a full complement of trace minerals, and micro-organisms, plus all that remarkable stuff in the periodic table, etc.) Can we live and thrive on another planet? Time will tell.

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