EarthTHRIVE Initiative

Driving Breakthroughs to a Thriving Future

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The PARADIGM shift

is to engage human traits toward competitive cooperation, with a multitude of little wins, generating positive emotions, rather than trying to educate people, which seems to result in fear and avoidance.



We will challenge and involve people at all strata, from primary grades to International Governments, to do the things they are uniquely equipped to do, and reward them publicly with prizes and media exposure, for their success.


Up-to-date information of the STATE of EARTH will be accessible in the form of DASHBOARD Graphics, the central focus of our process. A comprehensive DATA/KNOWLEDGE BASE will provide the latest supporting science available.


An intended side effect is a sense of Oneness with Earth and all other humans, plants and animals.

A Personal Transformation

UNEP is natural primary host and partner in this project, supporting the whole

UN program for Sustainable Development. Other organizations will join us.



We will accept Sponsorships, Grants, and Partnerships from Governments, NGO’s,  Corporations and Individuals to fund global production. This is good for business, our future, and also for Public Relations.

Global Introduction of


can be in conjunction with the

2020 Olympic Games inTOKYO

In it’s simplest form, we will Gamify, using game attributes, engaging masses of people in the processes essential to restore EARTH’s EcoSphere to a healthy state.

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Contact me today to determine your best way to get involved. This is your opportunity

to make a difference and be an important part of our team to transform and sustain humanity.

 Marv Lyons: 619.691.8776 •

Project Cluster


We will explore possibilities of using Pokemon and Augmented Reality for marketing and to maintain a high level of interest.

All players, from Pre-schoolers to Corporations

 and Countries will have their own DASHBOARD and get feedback on their progress. People will be rewarded and can see and celebrate their individual and collaborative progress, having

the experience that  they have made

 a positive contribution.

The driving mission of DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE is to shift a mass of humanity from unwittingly destroying our life support system to consciously restoring and supporting the health of our global Ecosystem. We are creating a MOVEMENT. Together, we can enhance the probability of a vibrant Future.



All of the content on these pages is Proprietary and Confidential © 2018