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A Paradigm is a Framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a (scientific) community.


Concerns about climate change, exponential population growth, ocean pollution, species loss ….. etc. have been the concern and domain of scientists, philosophers and Nonprofits.


The general public, and those who could make a difference (in governments and big corporations) have considered the issues presented occasionally in the news as too remote, unprofitable, or too fearful to contemplate, regardless of how real they may be.


Humans are not inherently designed to focus on concerns, no matter how threatening, that are 20 to 50 years in the future. Fortunately scientists are concerned, and worried.


We are proposing a major paradigm shift, a movement,

which will engage people at all strata, in the details and actions needed to restore the balance and health of our planet’s ecosystem NOW and, provide a path to a healthy, thriving future for humans and all of Earth’s current inhabitants.


This is also acknowledging that we are now fully responsible for the health of our planet; this is the Anthropocene Epoch. [We will Promote awareness with Media]


Instead of trying to enlighten people to the criticality of a given issue, we will acknowledge the verities of human behavior and get them involved in a fun and challenging way, to participate in a facet of a successful solution.

We must stop short-sighted corporations from environment-damaging behavior

We must slow exponential Population Growth

We must re-establish luxuriant forests, planting more than we harvest

Basic Concept


The results of the high level global conferences on Climate Change in Kyoto, Rio, Copenhagen was soft commitment and reluctance to take aggressive and responsible action. There was a “you first, I will follow” attitude, especially with emerging countries. The Paris Agreements are moving in a more positive direction. For the most part, however, work that actually gets accomplished goes mostly unnoticed to mainstream audiences. Very few people know, for example, the work of UNEP.




Contrast that with the Spectacular Olympic Games. Consider the investment of creative energy, and money on the launching ceremony alone. Or most recently, the high stakes World Soccer Cup Extravaganza. Governments, corporate sponsors. players, media and observers are highly energized and have invested many millions of dollars, as well as some incomparable passion.


Reflecting on realities of human behavior, we’ve created a plan to bring those passions to very serious issues, to GAMIFY a comprehensive collection of challenges we face, making predefined actions and activities (demanding a shift in behavior patterns) accessible to a world of participants, from primary grade school children to governments.

Positive actions (Iike planting trees or collecting plastic trash at the shore, or building a vertical farm in a vacant building) will be evaluated and rewarded with acknowledgment in the media, and prizes, either monetary or with (donated) gifts.   Governments will compete with larger challenges and incorporate big reward events and media coverage — perhaps sponsored by and partnering with UNEP.


We will incentivize and motivate the performance of millions of small actions to counter the millions of small (and large) acts that created the grand challenges we’ve triggered by our thoughtless and aggressive manipulation of our world.


Taking on these activities will modulate our impact on our planet we attempt to continue our easy life into a potentially hazardous future on an imperiled EARTH... Our uncontrolled growth and innocent consumption of a multitude of Earth’s resources has put our very survival as a species at risk.















An online DASHBOARD style system with constantly updated data on the state of the World as expressed by 17 (or more) keystone ecosystem parameters, indicators of the health of the whole spectrum of components of global wellbeing. For example: Quantify the availability and quality of fresh water, Sustainability of animal species, deforestation, Exponential Population Growth, etc. Players can see their impact.


A comprehensive KNOWLEDGE BASE component supports the DASHBOARD process.  One of the main components is a collection of video clips, over the shoulders of scientists at work, (for credibility) demonstrating the scientific method, determining the age and history of our planet, for example.  (Not born 5,000 years ago).



Participants, within their appropriate tier, (from Kindergarten to Governments) will select issues that resonate with them, addressing areas where they choose to make a contribution, making a difference in the long range success of their chosen project, or projects, perhaps competing with either old friends, or new friends, players across the globe…


Their successful completion will be evaluated and scored. Points will be assigned and may be rewarded with memberships, cash, gifts (like t-shirts, totes, etc.) and acknowledged appropriately on our SCOREBOARD and the media.


Players at all tiers, individuals or teams, will create their own personalized DASHBOARD, take on challenging issues and be rewarded with points, stuff, and media acknowledgment for successfully completing a task presented as part of a very comprehensive, up to date DASHBOARD Complex…on their own or competing with other players.

We will have backroom support from NGO’s, corporations and the Media.



We envision massive payoffs in changes to more conscious and responsible behavior at all levels. We will maintain a persistent awareness, not only of the successes of players but primarily on changes on the issues impacted. People, at any level, who excel at their chosen projects, will be acknowledged in special events and the media. An elegant example is Boyan Slat, who has been working for several years to clean plastic debris from the oceans. We will have a podcast interviewing and acknowledging high achievers.


People will not only be proactive and conscious of their chosen tasks, but they will also be less fearful of a bleak future, and they will be collaborative, conscious of our link with Earth's ecosystems, and more inclined to be aware of the interconnected ONENESS of all life on a living planet. We will be closer to being Transhumans, a next level of consciousness, worthy of inheriting our planet.


This project is GLOBAL in Scale. It will, of course, be a great opportunity for Corporate involvement and Sponsorship. Governments of all scale, corporations, and small businesses, private clubs, NGOs, all campuses and religious groups will be engaged, as well as committed individuals. Corporate CSR Officers will help establish corporate goals and involve their companies in the challenge.


Organizations like the United Nations, UNEP, WWF, Nature Conservancy, Ocean Conservancy, World Resources Institute, DRAWDOWN, WorldWatch Institute, Sierra Club, and lots more can both help design our program and use it to radically expand the number of people devoted to their mission and effectiveness.


NOW is the time for your involvement.

What part of our program to help secure a positive FUTURE for the world, is right for you? There is a big need for talented, committed people to work with us in designing and managing our PARADIGM SHIFTING, and WORLD CHANGING project.


We are open to alliances: sponsors, partnerships, donors, volunteers, staff, members and referrals, to expand our vision to a WORLD CHANGING reality.  Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.


Please contact: Marv Lyons, Founder & CVO, EarthTHRIVE Initiative

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.      619.691.8776

16325 Paseo Del Sur #213, San Diego, CA 92127

Sample Dashboards

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