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What do GAIANistas DO?



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There are strong indications from the scientific world, that even if we made the massive changes in our lifestyles and habits, essential for the survival of life as we have known it over the last 10,000 years, there is yet a high probability that our EARTH climate will continue with radial changes, demanding some significant adjustments to how we inhabit an altered PLANET 2.0 While there are many cities pushing toward "resilience", global shifts may demand much more radical adaptation. Most of the efforts, even for "cities of tomorrow" look like bad days for TODAY. China is building cities within forests. Good direction. Masdar City, in Abu Dhabi, has elegantly addressed the pervasive desert heat... for now. But perhaps the most forward thinking project is for Dubai, with architect Bjarke Ingels... a collection of domes. The brief video above proposes that we (the world). should be aggressively pursuing many scenarios for future cities.



Liuzhou, Forest City in China Masdar City in Abu Dhabi Proposed City in Dubai