About the Cover Imagine the wisdom of generations of indigenous people, with centuries old cultures, knowing they are a part of an all encompassing, living system, maintaining a nurturing ecosystem; partnered with leading edge technologies for GAIA’s (our living Earth) venture into the cosmos. The basic photo of tribal leaders in New Guinea is from the extraordinary collection of work by photographer Jimmy Nelson. These are representatives of an active tribe, living satisfying lives now, in some isolation, without all of our tech toys, weapons of mass destruction, or consumer mentality… in harmony with living Earth. The message of the cover is that if we are to survive as a species into a livable future, we must not only support indigenous people in their right to live their chosen lifestyle, but we must learn from them how to live in harmony and respect and learn the wisdom of our Mother GAIA… not just adopting their knowledge of secrets of healing and hallucinogenic plants, or of the success of technologies that have evolved over millions of years, through Biomimicry*, but the more subtle wisdom of how we can maintain the health and coherence of the extraordinary, possibly rare-in-the-universe, living rock we inhabit and, of which, we are an integral part. As we prepare to leap into the cosmos, we must nurture and protect the only speck in the immeasurable universe that we know embodies all of the elements that compose us and that are essential for our survival. Our astronaut friend represent our impatient hunger to reach the next unknown horizon and the limitless beyond. And the anthropomorphic robot will help us successfully manage all of the possible and improbable systems we continually evolve. All of this. Plus the wisdom and commitment of Scientists, Inventors, Visionaries, Environmental, Governmental, Nonprofit, Spiritual and Business Leaders, sharing their Positive Actions for a Thriving Future will nurture our success in healing and restoring the home we have imperiled. *Biomimicry -the design and production of materials, structures and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. But yet, that is not enough. There are a couple of other urgent issues we must address if we choose to maintain residence on our precious, livable world. We MUST understand our intimate relationship, not only with the planet, but with all living things. WE ARE ONE. We must elect to evolve, by CHOICE to the next iteration of human. That means, among other things acceptance, understanding and respect for all our brother and sister transhumans. And. UNEP, the United Nations Environmental Program has less than 2500 people on staff. Consider the odds of making serious progress on environmental and the panoply of other critical issues against the actions of 7.7 billion irresponsible, indifferent, terrified, denying and hopeless people. (I will allow the possibility of 100 million humans who care.) It is the responsibility of us all to be conscious and proactive if we are to reverse all of the unwitting destruction and interference of the intricate balance of GAIA’s life support systems by our fellow humans. We have been too narrow-focused to imagine our cultural mode of the last 75 years has caused immense disruptive damage through our ingrained habit of excessive consumption of Earth's resources. Our evolving program DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE is designed to engage millions of people in all strata, in consciously changing their behavior, having a massive impact on the stabilization and restoration of our embattled GAIA. Finally. The most important person, the one who can make a real difference to secure a livable future for yourself and generations of your offspring is you. Sign up to part of the solution. Marv Lyons




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