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EarthTHRIVE Initiative


Simple solutions to CyberTheft of Valued Documentation and Institutional Bribery

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Marv Lyons


Documents with critical and precious contents can include crippled or faulty information that would make time spent by cyberthieves lead to a (perhaps costly) dead end.  Critical data for the success of program or project can be delivered by some other more direct means.. Gosh, maybe even by mail.

In communities where bribery is institutionalized, the bribe/payoff can be submitted in an envelope laced with Risen, or an innocent powder…   just 50-50 odds.


Antidote to Humanity....?     Happier Mother's Day?

Posted on May 6, 2013   by Marv Lyons


Has anyone considered that the apparent increase in homosexuality (It it's not just increased awareness) could be a function of (Mother) Nature working to counter human overpopulation?


How many more decades will it take for "pro life" organizations to take responsibility for their degradation of Earth's Life Support System?


When will governments become aware of their responsibility and give tax benefits to couple that do not have children, and more to couples who adopt infants they can provide a better quality of life than the birth parents?



Earth & I

Published 7/15/13


I’ll begin with myself, since I’m more familiar with me.


I’m packing to move. I’ve been labeling cartons and stacking them in the garage in preparation for the move. I picked up a carton, which I was aware of being extremely heavy. Think my leg gave out. I spun around, dropped the box and landed in a heap, crashing into my workstation and ripping the keyboard drawer from the desk.


I got up amid some pains and an explosion of paper that had been on my desktop. Must have bounced my lip off of something and landed on my shoulder. The inside of my lower lip was bleeding and my left shoulder was painful. Put ice on both areas, and since the bleeding hadn’t stopped, after a couple of hours, I called 911 and was taken to the emergency room of a local hospital.


After a while, a doctor examined me. He determined that the cut in my lip was not deep enough to stitch. With ice packs on both areas, my body should heal itself.


And I began to reflect on the most incredible, complex, self healing system that is my body. After moderate yet painful injuries... the system that is me immediately began to repair itself. The invisible synergetic systems knows, automatically, to send the right drugs to compensate for pain, close and heal the wound on my lip, and send me messages to not be hungry just now and to lay down and rest to recover. And as the Dr. advised, I put ice on my lip and shoulder. He called the wounds contusions.


And Earth?

I’m aware of being a part of Earth, a subsystem, if you will, of a vastly more complex, self-healing system (that behaves like a living entity). I began to reflect on the damage humans have done, out of past ignorance, and hubris, to interrupt or destroy components of delicately balanced living systems that have evolved to their current elegant state over billions of years.


We have discovered that waterways and species inhabiting them — that seemed impossibly polluted by human behavior — can actually restore themselves to purity and health, if we aid instead of interfere. Just as in my body, microorganisms are automatically deployed to heal and reestablish balance of the whole watery system.


Scientists have called this the Anthropocene Era. That means that we humans have taken over control of our little planet... Kind of by default. And, for too many of us, being ignorant of the complexity of Earth’s Mega-Systems, we overlook the responsibility that comes with our incredible powers.


Too many of us, including some giant corporations with a giant impact, still see Earth’s resources as freebies... there for the taking. For example, many fish species are on the verge of extinction because of overfishing. 9 out of 10 large predator fish are nearly gone. We have invented incredible floating factory ships that gather and process tons of some fish species. In the short term, the process is very profitable for a few big fisheries, their owners and investors, even providing jobs for many fishermen. Lot’s of people get cheap, good protein to nurture their bodies. BUT. Because they have been fishing relentlessly, we are depleting many - once plentiful - species and driving them to extinction — and throwing a complex, evolved system out of balance.


Our little planet is very like our own bodies. Granted Earth is unknowably complex. But we can, out of care-less-ness and ignorance, throw enough of her systems out of balance, so that, as she adjusts and corrects, there is a possibility of our unique-in-our-known-universe planet to no longer be hospitable to our lifeforms. Or, through cooperation, we can help heal and restore the systems that sustain our lives.



I will share my views with you.


Among the positive solutions you can promote are CATCH SHARES.

You can spread the word: (From the Environmental Defense Fund)


Today, about 65% of all fish caught in U.S. federal waters are under catch shares. We’re working to bring this tool to more fisheries, both at home and abroad, by:

CONVINCING skeptical fishermen of the benefits of catch shares through educational field trips with other fishermen in catch share programs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

HELPING fishermen and regulators set up well-designed programs tailored to their needs using in-depth online tools we created.

•  WORKING on the Hill to educate congressional staff on the value of catch shares.




What else can you do to help Earth heal: to be the generous hostess, mother and sustenance for all life?



You now have more money than more than the combined wealth of half the people on the planet.

Unfortunately, becoming more wealthy will not make you more happy.

Happiness comes by serving others; ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.


By using a portion of your vast wealth to serve others, you will not only feel joy, but of course, some of that wealth will return back to you.

It is a win/win situation, and one more win for the planet.


Best Wishes,



An open letter to Brothers Koch

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American’s Right to Guns…

Posted on June 8, 2013 by Marv Lyons



Contemporary interpretations, which are being honored by a significant number of politicians, despite murderous insanity, are worlds of technological innovation beyond what might be imagined by the Founders of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

HOWEVER, The SECOND AMENDMENT did not make any proviso to guarantee the availability of ammunition.

Holders of all kinds of weapons can have, hold, cherish and love all of their weapons.

Let us just eliminate ALL AMMUNITION.

To life and love on a small planet.


Marv Lyons



We must evolve or Perish like the Dinosaurs.

The life support system of Planet Earth has changed — and we have changed it — to a progressively more inhospitable place for human life. You have seen the devastating tornadoes and tsunamis, floods and crippling heat waves, depletions of ocean fish species, and the dead zones in the oceans.


We have a window of time to change, to evolve our perception and action during our near future of radical disruptive changes. (Unlike the dinosaurs, we have evolved far enough to see the change happening.)


(Mother) Earth has been extraordinarily generous with her support — stabile level of Oxygen for about 200 thousand years — with air and water systems that persistently regenerate from moderate extremes, and heal. But our unaware, unexamined excesses compounded by exponential population growth, has unbalanced the system than sustains our existence on this small spacestation, placing future of human life as we know it, in peril.


Denial, inertia, dogmatic beliefs, distractions, hopelessness, paralyzing powerlessness all contribute to our unresponsive inactivity.


We have, oblivious to the impact of hundreds of our little actions, interfered with the subtly balanced life support system that allows us to exist on this little unique speck of a planet in the vast universe.


And it will take billions of people to make hundreds of aware, conscious changes in our behavior to re-establish a balanced and sustainable environment that can again persist in hosting the unique human species.


The mission of GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is to provide the intelligence and resources, the inspiration and global connections to make the evolution of humans a possibility. We will either learn to live in harmony with each other and the living Earth, or perish.


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If we are to take our drought condition seriously, the state can support the installation of gray water systems on residential properties - it is reported that we spend 60% of our water on landscaping...and give a rebate for the installation of auxiliary hot water systems.  (I spend as much water waiting for my shower to heat up as that I use for a shower.)

A plumber suggested a price of about $400 to install an "instant" heating system to a distant bathroom.


We need to treat water as the precious stuff it is.

These remedies may need to be mandatory.


With the Pacific Ocean rather close, we should invest in alternative ways to purify it at scale... and each home must be considered a semi-closed system with capability of purifying and recycling their own precious resources.


Marv Lyons


March 22, 2015, San Diego, CA   USA




Although many of EARTH's resources have been

considered endless and traditionally considered free for the taking, they are finite... and there is a cost to the balance and integrity of whole systems with their removal.


Consider over harvesting of trees and depletion and extinction of many species of fishes.


We must look upon our small planet as a self contained, living SpaceStation, traveling in a heliocentric orbit. While many resources appear to be endlessly abundant, they are in fact finite.


It is proposed that we acknowledge EARTH as a living entity... with legal and property rights, accumulated over billions of years.


Companies that access EARTH's resources must pay a tax or actively work to replace the resources they have removed.


This is a cost of doing business.


Countries that wish to claim territories must present their case to a council representing the welfare of EARTH.


Marv Lyons


March 22, 2015, San Diego, CA   USA