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We need more than voices now. We need responsible, massive Global Action.


Governments have demonstrated, over several decades now, that they are not effective in dealing with the multiplicity of issues threatening the future health of our small home planet.


Cities, seem to be waking up, but by their nature and attachment to their existing turf, they are focused on resilience, mitigating problems, rather than displacing them.


It appears that Corporations are waking to their Potential and Responsibilities, with many taking action Now.

Imagine billions of people including the attributes of the

UN Sustainable Development Goals into their daily lives. Now imagine these actions supported by businesses, campuses, social groups, communities and an

ongoing major media campaign.

 You can help make a difference. The UN can be a guiding partner, and a coach, but we need your participation to collectively build a Thriving Future.


Get involved. Partner with us and use your unique skills to make our

Global MOVEMENT and your interface with the Future of Planet Earth:




a great, transformational, lifesaving success, for you, your grandkids and the host of vulnerable living creatures. Together we will invent our Future.







contact me:

Marv Lyons: email: Marv.lyons@icloud.com

Phone: 619.691.8776, or Twitter @marvlyons

Founder and CVO, EarthTHRIVE Initiative


EarthTHRIVE Initiative is evolving a comprehensive project: DASH to a THRIVING FUTURE©,

to transform billions of people, at all strata (from school kids to governments), from being disengaged, avoiding responsibility for the multitude of climate issues. We must shift the behaviors of these multitudes from ignorance, fear, inevitability, and overwhelm, to being conscious, responsible activists, choosing to make major changes in their behavior.


We are also working on a strategy to reduce global human population (the seminal issue that must be addressed) —

it is designed to be consistent with human behavior.


These actions are PARADIGM CHANGERS, a Global Movement, transforming prevailing FEAR to FESTIVE with billions of people becoming aware and actively engaging in a positive global future.


But there are BILLIONs of people in the world contributing to the many facets of global climate change, as well as many other issues that currently imperil our planetary future. We must return to being responsible citizens of a living planet, not it’s consumers. (Did you recycle any PLASTIC today?)


Our mother, Earth, is precious, not to be plundered and trashed. We remain 100% dependent on her. We must shift the behavior of billions of people, AND cap exponential population expansion.